Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Little Girl

Time for something new. How about a sampling of my poetic achievements?

The Little Girl
The little girl got into bed
Mama came and kissed her head.
“Now go to sleep and have no care.”
But in the dark she saw a bear!
Mama came when she cried
Her little eyes were open wide.
Mama came and searched the room
But her search revealed no doom.
Mama fixed her little cap.
But in the dark she heard a yap.


Mama came and turned the knob
While the little girl began to sob.
Mama sat and dried her tears
And the little girl shared her fears.
“In the room I heard a dog.”
“No, that was outside, in the fog.”
For in the room no dogs were found
So she went to sleep, safe and sound.
The little girl knew there were no dogs
But in the dark she heard some frogs!


Mama comes, turns on the light
Much to the little girl’s delight
But in the light no frogs were found
Where in the dark did many abound.
“Where are the frogs?” the little girl asked.
Mama sighed and began the task
Of looking and searching around and ‘round
But when she was done, no frogs were found.
“Now go to sleep, little Darling.”
But once asleep she began her calling…


Mama comes and peers inside
But the little girl could only hide.
“Where is the elephant?” she did ask.
Mama sighed and began the task
Of looking and searching high and low.
She didn’t find an elephant, not even a toe.
She looked in the closet and under the blocks
She even looked in the jewelry box.
“No elephants here now go to sleep.”
But once asleep she heard a bleat.


Mama comes and opens the door,
The little girl’s fears begin to soar.
Her heart had jumped inside her throat,
What if it was a…Billy goat?
“Where is the goat?” the little girl asked.
While Mama searched the little girl gasped.
“Where is the goat?” She asked again.
Mama opened and looked in a bin.
“There is no goat, now go to sleep.
Or a paddling is my promise to keep.”

The little girl tried to go to sleep
She wanted her dreams to be so sweet.
But fear did come while she lay.
So in her heart she began to pray.
Jesus heard the little girl’s prayers
And took away all the bears,
And the elephants and frogs,
And the goats and the dogs,
Only then did she go to sleep
Knowing that Jesus her heart did keep.

Night, night, little one, have no fright,
For bed bugs, tonight, you won’t bite.

19 July 2003


Christi Snow said...

ooooh, this would make a fantastic bedtime book...you need to find you an illustrator because I NEED this in book form! ;) smiles...

Travis said...

I've been working on it. I've tried 5 or 6 different artists and cartoonists, but none of them ever try to help me out. Remarkable, eh?

dave said...

I thought all day
about what to say
since your poem was neat
and sounded sweet

But then I remembered,
I stink at poetry

Christi Snow said...

LOL...at Dave! :D

Alison said...

For what my two cents are worth (um...I guess that would be two cents), I agree that it would be a good children's book.

Random thought: there's a national children's literature center in Abilene that looks like a good place to visit.