Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Camping Trip

Let's return to light hearted. Sometimes we can get too serious and forget to smile. Try this little poem out...

The Camping Trip

Little Seth was one year old
He knew neither hot nor cold.
He ran around inside the camp
Whether it was dry or damp.
He ran in the grass and through the rocks
Took off his shoes and ran in his socks!

His mama chased him everywhere
Always scared she heard a bear.
But no bears were ever found
And little buddy ran around and ‘round.
He picked up sticks to eat them whole
He even put them in a bowl.

He wouldn’t ever stop to rest
Even when the sun did crest
The mountains on the western slope
He faced the darkness with new hope.
He hoped to count the stars above
The sleepiness away he shoved.

The threw his dog into the flame
His franks would never be the same.
His marshmallow glowed in the dark
When it finally caught a spark.
He ate it up very quickly
But his fingers still got sticky.

His mama tried to put him down
So he could sleep safe and sound.
But he had no desire
To leave his place by the fire.
But once she had him in his bed
He became a sleepy head.

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Christi said...

So sweet...I like it! smiles...