Monday, December 22, 2008

The Christmas Poem

I wrote this poem several years ago, and it has become a tradition to read it as a family. I want to share it with you; most of you have become like family to me. Notice how cleverly I titled it...

The Christmas Poem

The rocking chair squeaks
By the morning fire
The house was tense
With Christmas desire

Mom with her quilting
And I with my pen
Awaited our children
In the warmth of the den

For Christmas has come
In the house we now dwell
The home was alive
With scents and smells

Our Christmas turkey
Is roasting nearby
The counters are lined
With many new pies

Hot coco bubbles
Away on the stove
The pleasure of children
Its purpose alone

Then comes a stirring
From up above
Our children approach
To share in the love

Their eyes are alive
With cherished delight
Their feet how they danced
On the stairs of their flight

Small giggles come forth
As they rush to the den
Our family's complete
Let Christmas begin

My daughter sat near
My son in my lap
I opened my Bible
God's present unwrapped

We read the beginning
Of our Christmas joy
And of our Savior
The King born a boy

We then thank God
For the gift He gave
That forgave us our sins
And our souls did save

With our thanks complete
Having told our tales
We hand out presents
And turn to ourselves

We gave a doll house
To our little girl
And a new baby doll
Whose hair was in curls

Our son's great desire
Is to learn to fish
We gave him a pole
And granted his wish

For this family now
Joy is complete
To share Christmas memories
Is always so sweet

But the shame of a baby
Come to save all men
Gave us a gift
To live free from sin

For giving has nothing
To do with gifts


Tracy said...

Beautiful, Travis, thanks for sharing this with the rest of us!

Dave said...

What? No bears of alcohol? And what's the deal with the rhyming?

Seriously, nice poem. I like it!

Dave said...

oops...bears OR alcohol is what that was supposed to say

Travis said...

Nor any alcholic bears! I suppose my narrowly focused comments many months before about poems not rhyming will haunt me for several years to come, eh?

Thanks for stopping by, Tracy. Give my best to Sweet Pea.

Jesse and Sarah said...

That's a great poem. In fact, it reminds me a Christmas poem I bought from a Christian store that I hadn't even put out yet. I totally forgot about shamefull is that???!!! I'll blame it on our messy attic! I hope you stop by my site to read it too, but wait an hour or bit so I can locate it. :-)

Love your poem. It's very nice. And I do enjoy your site a lot!

Avily Jerome said...

Wow, that's so cool!

I really like it! What a fun tradition to read that every year, too!

gzusfreek said...

Great poem, Travis! My favorite line:
My daughter sat near
My son in my lap
I opened my Bible
God's present unwrapped

Sarah said...

Ah, I'm jealous. I can't rhyme worth a darn. Well, that's not true. I can rhyme, but it never ends up making any sense.

Nice job Travis!

Alison Bryant said...

I remember when you read this in church a few years ago...pretty sure it was the first writing of yours I'd heard. I still love the symbolism of the gifts.

Travis said...

Thanks for you comments, my fellow bloggers. You help spread Christmas joy and I wish (and pray) a special blessing upon ya'll (you all-for the non Texans. As we say back home, Merry Christmas, ya'll!)

Billy Coffey said...

Wonderful poem. And I'm a little jealous, too. But Merry Christmas anyway!

Rosslyn Elliott said...

Merry Christmas! Thanks for the Christmas cheer.

Amy Deardon said...

Will, beautiful. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

NICE!!!!! Thanks!

Merry Christmas.