Monday, August 11, 2008

And the Winner Is...

The polls are now closed and we are locked in a 12 way tie. Remarkable isn't it? I am now ready to exercise my presidential powers and vote the tie breaker.

It is my privilege to announce that our poems will be......

Drum roll, please,

Nursery Rhymes.

Hold your applause until the rules are read, please.

Here are the rules:
- One entry per person
- Anyone can enter (the more the merrier)
- No limit on size, scope, or form (doesn't have to rhyme), as long as it's a poem
- Title is your choice as long as it is a nursery rhyme that is original and written by you
- Entries due by midnight Sunday, August 16th
- Entries will be posted on Monday, voting will be by a poll I'll create...honor system that you vote only once. You can vote for yourself.
- Entries will be posted with no names attached, just labeled something like Poem A, etc.

I recommend you read a few "Mother Goose" poems for some inspiration.

Tomorrow I'll post a short history of nursery rhymes--it might surprise you a little to know how there little gems came to be, which might give you some insight on how to approach writing a little ditty.


Alison said...

(I guess we're all too busy mulling over our poems to come up with a clever comment. I don't have enough brain cells to be stretched that thin.)

Travis said...

Uhhh, say what?