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Mediterranean Madness Part XI: Sea Day

Master and Commander

At Sea/Day 10
Well, the sea day started off with a bang for us, as both kids spent the night in Grandma's room. So, we eased into the day and casually made our way to the dining room for a very relaxing, satisfying breakfast.

The weather was picture perfect. The sea was glass and there was no wind to speak of, and the sun was a beacon of happiness.
001 002
The kids always seem to enjoy their grandparents.

After breakfast, Seth went to the kids club, and Caitie went shopping with Grandma, while we went to the solarium for some adult only time. As creepy as that sounds, it just means the solarium is reserved for adults only. It's a CHILD FREE ZONE! Yay! We were there for only a few minutes when Sarah's sister Micah and her husband, Christopher came in and began sunning on the quiet deck. I worked on my trip review and Sarah read. It was like having a day off. We even ate lunch there in the Park Café. It was okay. I still prefer the dining room. But today was about convenience.
004 005
A very nice pool.             I set down writing this review long enough to stuff my face!

Brooks Aehron
009007 After lunch, Sarah took Seth swimming, so they visited the water slide. Caitie attended the encore show with Brooks Aehron, where there was standing room only, and, according to Caitie, it was a fantastic show. Afterwards, Caitie decided to challenge her old man to a rock climbing race. We geared up and took our marks. When the race began, I was up the wall and making good time. I paused to find Caitie, for I didn't want to smoke her in the race, and realized that she was about to ring the bell while I was analyzing the competition. It is fair to say that she won. To me, the only reason to climb the wall is so you can repel back to the deck. I kicked off from the wall and the anchor man controlled my descent in two short bursts. What a rocking good time! It was only when I got back to the bottom that I realized I shouldn't have attempted that climb.  My ribs were so not ready for me to scale a wall, and I immediately regretted my actions.  I took a few extra pain pills on day 5, and the next morning as well.  

In order to recuperate from the climb, Sarah and I attended another wine tasting and this time I identified the mystery wine and won a bottle of champagne.  The wine tasting cost 20.00 dollars a person, and we had a great time. And the samples were generous and tasty. The only problem I had was trying to hear the wine presentation, as the centrum was always soooooo LOUD! Ugh.
029 030
The wine tasting is highly recommended. Especially if you have a formal night planned!

Tonight was also our last formal night. We had a great dinner and decided to attend the show, but I don't even recall what show we watched. Apparently it didn't overly impress me. But not many of the shows did. I don’t really care, for my goal was to enjoy Europe, not the shows. They were inconsequential to me.
032 042
045  053 
049  034
Everyone had a great day. And we snagged some pretty good shots of the evening.

I was in significant pain that evening as we stumbled around our tiny stateroom trying to accommodate both kids back into the program. But we climbed into bed knowing that tomorrow was our last port call. But what a day it was going to be!  


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