Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pearl Harbor -- 72 Years of Rememberance

I want to offer my most sincere gratitude for the men and women who were attacked 74 years ago today in the sleepy naval port known as Pearl Harbor. It was a quiet Sunday morning, and many of our sailors went to bed thinking they still had years ahead of them. They went to bed in peace, and awoke to WWII, and the stench of ballistics material, burning oil, and the blood and sweat of their brothers and sisters in arms. From the chaos arose the young Americans who would become the greatest generation. They were the sleeping giant, and they were angry. And once the smoke cleared, they rolled up their sleeves and went to war! And the world would never be the same again. They secured our freedom and made it safe for my kids to sleep at night without fear. So, I offer you my most profound gratitude.

Thank you! You have made the difference.

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