Monday, May 11, 2009

Grandma's Eye

I'm trying to get you in the mood for the upcoming Iron Poet contest, which will soon occur. So, I'm going to open the vault let out another non-sensical poetic masterpiece, dubiously speaking.

Remarkably, this is based on a true story!

Grandma’s Eye

When Grandma sneezed
Her eye popped out
And rolled to the back of church.

When the preacher heard
The sound
It left him in a lurch.

Never before
Had it happened;
Her eye was made of glass

And if you saw her
On the street,
She’d show it if you asked.

When it stopped
They picked it up
And passed it back to her.

She thanked them kindly
Grabbed a rag,
And cleaned it as it were.

Back it went
Into her head
She gave it little thought.

So waste not time
Dwelling there,
It came to all but naught.


Anne L.B. said...

Bravo, Travis! I loved this. If our hearts are sufficiently focused on the Lord, the distractions which plague can be "naught."

Anonymous said...

travis i'm pleased to make your acquaintance. i really enjoyed the ease of this poem.

Travis said...

Thanks, Anne. You are a good friend!

I truly appreciate you stopping by and commenting. I checked out your site and you have posted some very intriguing poems. And, I really liked your uncommon ordinary title!

Anonymous said...


sharilyn said...

what fun! :) whatever was the inspiration for this little bit of silliness??