Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Caitie and the Whale

Seldom do I post poetry, but it's not unheard of. In truth, I've been traveling and I haven't had time to work on any short stories or vet bios. So, for the sake of getting something out there for you to read, I decided to post a poem that I wrote for my kids several years ago. I have been working on a new short story, and I hope to have it edited by next week. It depends on how much time I have when I finally get back home...

Caitie and the Whale

Little Caitie swam with fish
In order to keep her wish
Of swimming around to find a whale
She wanted to ask about the tale
Of the fish that ate a man.

She found a school of fish at play
All at once they began to say,
“To find the whale, leave the brook
In the ocean you must look
For the fish that ate a man.”

In the ocean she did swim
Where the light began to dim.
She found the whale inside a cave
Because she was unafraid
Of the fish that ate a man.

“Excuse me, sir, but I must ask
Of when God did task
You to go and catch the man
When from God he ran
To the fish that ate a man.”

“Of course I do remember
It was late in September
When a man went floating by
So I ate him like a fly.
I’m the fish that ate a man.

“In my tummy the man did stay
Until the man began to pray
So on the sand I spit him out
It is true, so have no doubt
Of the fish that ate a man.”

Little Caitie returned as planned
Back to the ocean’s sand
Never again would she doubt
When her daddy told her about
The fish that ate a man.


Billy Coffey said...

So this is yet another talent you have (besides being a storyteller and the real Indiana Jones).

That was awesome.

Alison Bryant said...

Clever verse this is
Poetry's still relevant
(I sound like Yoda)

Tracy said...

Love it! I give it two thumbs up!

gzusfreek said...

Great post, Travis! :) NICE

dave said...

I want to write a poem about the man who ate the seafood in South Carolina.

Hmmm. Then again, maybe I don't want to know about that.

sharilyn said...

a great poem, travis!! : ) and, like my word verification this time, one of those wonderful "perls" we happen upon with surprise and delight! (yes, i know "pearls" has an "a" but one cannot argue with the word verification!!)

be safe in your travels!

Anne L.B. said...

A delight, Travis! If only the grave that swallowed a man for just three days could also speak, what would it say?

Dave said...

Oooh...that does sound like a fascinating poem, and one that is kind of right up your alley since you like thought provoking things.

What would the grave of Jesus have to say about the one that got away?

Why don't you get right on that in your free time. It's not like you're writing a book or anything (or having to watch the kids while I steal your wife for ensemble practices). :-)

Travis said...

Hey All! It's good to have friends that like what you do, even if there were to or three movie references in your responses!

Anne, you are right of course. That would be an excellent topic of discussion.

That gives me an idea. It might be time for a poetry contest...

When I finally get settled in from all my coming and going, I will look into the possibility of hosting an Iron Poet Competition.

I really appreciate your visiting my blog, even if I haven't been around to visit yours and make the comments to prove my visit. I will return to normal living soon. I'm in Marfa, Texas today. Then Lubbock this weekend. And then off to Charleston, SC the week following, and then Alaska soon enough! But I haven't forgotten all of you. I will visit everyone again soon.

Alison Bryant said...

Eat at Reata in Alpine if you can!

Oh, you are so on for Iron Poet.

Dave said...

Well, since I am a, ahem, award winning poet (ha!), I guess I'll have to get into a writing mode. Poems are required to rhyme, right?

Amy Deardon said...

You are a man of many talents. THis is awesome!

Avily Jerome said...