Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Caitie!

I want to take a minute and wish my daughter, Caitlin, a very happy birthday. She was born 10 years ago today....and what a day that was. I suppose I'm a little self-serving here, but you have to know her story. She was the girl who wasn't supposed to live--but thanks to God's mercy, we have a miracle baby who survived!

Please take a few minutes and review what is a remarkable story:


Alison Bryant said...

I hope she has a very happy birthday. I'm very sad for anyone who doesn't yet know this wonderful young lady. My life is enriched because I know her. Thanks for posting these links.

the Albino Bowler said...

Hey. How are ya? I just got back from Down Under and am looking forward to having the time to catch up on your doings. I wanted you to know that you made my list of top blogs, and I added a feed to you at the Rodeo. It shows a thumbnail pic and quick blip from your most recent post so my other readers can check in on you easily. I'll talk to you soon


Travis said...

Thanks, Matt. You know I appreciate your candor and crazy way of looking at life. Enjoy your weekend and stay out of trouble!